Heat-resistant Welding Blankets
Comfort lightweight material withstands temperatures up to 550°C for a short period of time
Further Details

Futuris 550 Heat-resistant Blanket

  • The blanket can be draped over the surrounding area, stopping spatter sticking to equipment and letting it roll off
  • Working temperature 400°C

Futuris 700 Heat-resistant Blanket

  • Made from Graphtex material which is based on the treatment of glass-fibre-based fabrics with a complex graphite solution
  • The treatment not only increases the temperature rating of the base cloth, but also gives it greater abrasion-resistance
  • Continuous temperature-resistance up to 700°C
  • Good abrasion-resistance
  • Good insulating properties
  • Working temperature 540°C

Futuris 1000 Heat-resistant Blanket

  • The base fabric is treated with a mineral-based aqueous dispersion which increases abrasion-resistance and also significantly increases its temperature-resistance
  • Continuous temperature resistance up to 1000°C
  • Low smoke emission
  • Withstands hot metal splashes and welding sparks
  • Working temperature 930°C
Product Nos. 59957, 59958, 59959, 59960, 59961, 59962, 59963, 59964, 48609
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